Hey there!

I am not a blogger, and I am not an excellent writer.

I barely know what to write about. I read blogs about books, and blogs about the author’s private life and I really would like to write both of them (and maybe also about travels though I don’t have time to travel ’cause I’m only 15) but, anyway, I hope I’ll find something interesting to write about.

This is just an attempt and I don’t think I’ll write too much.

I’m an Italian girl from Milan so please help me if my English isn’t correct and write it down in the comment please.

Thanks for reading and hope to look like a nice person 🙂

Have a nice day ❤



5 thoughts on “Hey there!

  1. Hey there! Welcome to wordpress 🙂 I’m still trying to figure my blog out as well, so no worries- write what feels right, and I’m sure you’ll get it in time. Oh, and since you’ve created a blog, you are officially a blogger now 😉 I hope you have a lovely day, friend!

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  2. Hey! Welcome to the blogging world! Honestly, write whatever comes to your mind and don’t worry about making your posts perfect! You can write about whatever you enjoy and even things you dislike. That’s how I started my blog. Just writing about random thing.
    Anyways, have a good day. Take care xx

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  3. […] very first blog where I described a little bit myself was Hey there! so if you want to read another way I told about myself, just take a look […]


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