My list (Writing 101)

Here’s my list:

Things I like: 

It’s difficult to put all things that I like in one place because I can forget something but I’ll try

  1. Food
    • Pizza
    • Pasta
    • Nutella
  2. Books
    • Sci-Fi books
    • Romantic Commedies
  3. Films (same as books)
  4. Writing what I like
  5. Hanging out with friends

Things I’ve learned: 

There are things I’ve learned at school when I was a child 

  1. Maths
  2. Italian
  3. English
  4. Spanish (a bit)
  5. Geography
  6. History

Other that I’m learning now

  1. Latin

Things that will help me in my life

  1. How to make up
  2. How to get dressed properly (matching right colours)

And others that will help me in my social life

  1. How to interact with people

Things I wish:

Up to now my first wish is to get rid of one of my problems but if a genie would grant some wishes for me I don’t think I’ll ask for that.

But the other wishes (smart and stupid… most stupid) are:

  1. Have more self-esteem
  2. Be less shy
  3. Be a better person

So that’s it!!

Have you all a good day/week/night. 🙂


One thought on “My list (Writing 101)

  1. Very nice post 🙂 . Concrete, sincere and brief. In some things we are very similar :OK: .


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