Choosing a word

I’m not sure about what word choosing.

Hope is too much overrated. You can hope how much you want but if you don’t try something or try to make things move you’re just deceiving yourself.

Regret can take you on the wrong direction. You may think you made a disaster but maybe you’re just overthinking and you did nothing. It can really drown you with guilt-feelings.

Home is such a general word. Someone call home their family and friends but for me hope is just the house we’re I live and I’m sorry if this isn’t poetic but that is the true.

Choice can really change things. A choice can turn a situation in very different ways.

Abundance to me just means ‘a lot of things’.

Secret can change you’re relationships. A secret kept or a bad kept secret can change everything.

So I think I’ll write abut choice. Some are made thinking and other without thinking but that doesn’t mean that one is right and one is wrong. I am a terrible choice-maker. I think that most of my choices were just crap. But I also think that if I had chose differently in some circumstances I won’t have my friends and it would be awful.


2 thoughts on “Choosing a word

  1. Looks like you made a choice in choosing the word choice! Nice job! 😉

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