Inspiration from Twitter (Writing 101)

This is exactly what I’m thinking 99% of my time.
Our life isn’t just school, work or money. If you start living on a desert island with animals you can hunt, trees from you can take fruit and plants from you can take vegetables or other fruit you could live without them.
Obviously school is important to know things like maths ecc. and to be prepared for work, work is useful to make money and with money you can buy things that maybe you aren’t able to get from the world by yourself but if we could stop worrying from these three things life will be a lot easier.

For example this week I have so many things to study and I really think that even if I don’t pass those exams life goes on and I don’t wanna be focused only on school but also on my own life. There is a lot more than shool, work and money. There are friends and family that are a LOT more important that the rest.


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