21st Century Citizen

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “21st Century Citizen.”

I love this century and all the things that has brought as I am very comfortable with computers, tablets and smartphone but, even if I am a girl, I would rather live in the Middle Ages. Most of you would not share my point but I don’t care.

I would like to live in the Middle Ages because people was more free, relatively free. Now I can’t go anywhere because I have to study for school, after school I have to study at university to find a job to get money to support myself, in this case I have to wait until I will have a job and enough money to travel. If I was in the Middle Ages I could leave everything, try to build my own bow and live on my own. I know that it wouldn’t go like this but I like to think that I may survive on my own in the Middle Ages without everyone’s help (even if I know that I would not).

I use this post to talk about something that lately I started to think: travelling, visit the world (or at least most of it).
I already know the places I would go but I’m still not sure if I want to go alone or with some friends (not more that three). Solo travel would be an amazing experience to know other people but makes you feel very lonely. Travelling with friends would mean a lot of fun but you have to choose with someone that may not want to go in the place you would like to go. Another problem is that as I am a student I don’t have enough money to go abroad on my own.
So, for now, let’s wait and see what the life has set aside for me and hope it’s good.

The places I would like to go are most like this:


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