My loss of time

I just downloaded this app called TVshowtime. It’s an app that helps you keeping track of your series and also suggests you others.
In your profile, it shows also how many hours, days and months of your life you passed watching series and I wasted 2 months, 5 days and 4 hours up to now. 

I usually think I have no time for doing things I want to do, but the reality is that watching TV series, reading books is really much easier than doing other stuff…

For example, I want a reflex: I want to improve my photography skills and I want to be able to take good photos (even amazing if I succeed). So I am reading books about it (not demanding books but the “for Dummies”  type). But sometimes I just prefer staying in bed watching one of my tv series or reading one of my books because after studying I don’t want to concentrate on something and just let my brain go away from studying and concentrating.

Have you ever thought about how many time we lose doing things?
We could sleep 1 hour less and we would save a day every month.
If we didn’t stop, if we didn’t take pauses we would save other time…
Time we could use for something more useful.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life
-Charles Darwin

Do you watch TV series? Are you an addict or you do it just when you don’t have nothing better to do? What are the series you watch?
Does anyone loves photography?
Please let me know in the comments,
thanks 😉


2 thoughts on “My loss of time

  1. Hi I love watching TV series but I wouldn’t call it a waste of time. I use it as part of my ‘downtime’ where I just chill and sometimes I will read or online shop etc. I get what you are saying about wasting time and quite often I’m guilty of that too. However, I also believe that making sure we allow ourselves enough time to rest is just as important as everything else in our busy lives- otherwise you will just burn out. So in general I find doing nothing not a waste of time but a time to charge my batteries.
    I also love photography too and while I’ve read a couple of beginners books I have found the best way to get better is to actually just go out and take photos! And guess what that’s a great use of your time especially if you encompass it in a walk so that hey presto you have done some exercise too!
    Apologies for the essay but I thought you post was really interesting and just had to share my thoights

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