Let’s try

Following ‘Blogging 101’ clues I will try to write something every month.
I was thinking at something every 1st of the month.
Right now I’m not sure what it’ll be about; I may post a photo every month or maybe something else like some songs I liked that month; if someone has an advice or something he or she wants to tell me just contact me (Click here!) and it’ll be very helpful

I will start in December with a photo and then I will decide.


Who I am and why I’m here (for Blogging 101)

Blogging U.
Who am I?

This is a difficult question… I don’t either know who am I but let’s say I’m an Italian girl that wants to improve her writing and her english.

My very first blog where I described a little bit myself was Hey there! so if you want to read another way I told about myself, just take a look 😄.

Why I’m here?

I’m here because I didn’t want just to write on a personal journal, I wanted to people know that I’m here and what I think even if they don’t know who I am. A personal journal would be more private but it would be static and no one would never read those things and would never partecipate.

I mainly chose to start a blog to connect with other people who think like me. I really would like to meet other people that will know me from what I write.

I would like to write about a lot of topics especially travels and my lifetime. I don’t travel much so I will mostly write about my life time.

[Sorry for the grammar mistakes but this is not my mother language so maybe you can excuse me]