Inspiration from Twitter (Writing 101)

This is exactly what I’m thinking 99% of my time.
Our life isn’t just school, work or money. If you start living on a desert island with animals you can hunt, trees from you can take fruit and plants from you can take vegetables or other fruit you could live without them.
Obviously school is important to know things like maths ecc. and to be prepared for work, work is useful to make money and with money you can buy things that maybe you aren’t able to get from the world by yourself but if we could stop worrying from these three things life will be a lot easier.

For example this week I have so many things to study and I really think that even if I don’t pass those exams life goes on and I don’t wanna be focused only on school but also on my own life. There is a lot more than shool, work and money. There are friends and family that are a LOT more important that the rest.


Yesterday’s Writing 101 Post

Yesterday I was busy so I forget to write but here I am now!


Isn’t this the perfect image to symbolize freedom? It’s the perfect landscape and with friends in it it’s also better. 

I would really like to travel but I can’t. I’m too young to travel by myself. When I’ll be old enough I will probably have to work or I won’t be able to afford it.

Even though, travelling it’s not easy. If I travel I want to be with someone, otherwise I will feel very very lonely.

But maybe those are just teenager’s dreams.

But  if live wasn’t only money and work to earn money I think I will be travelling. But I would like also to have a family (when I will be older) and travelling and hope to have a family are things that can’t sty together.

Hope you guys feel better than me. xx

I am a big coward

It’s the second year I’m in High School. I changed school and met new classmates. I’ve always hated most of my old classmates partially because it seamed they hated me and partially because I couldn’t stand them. I had some friends but with the others I just pretended to be their friend. A week ago I left the class’ group on Whatsapp (one year and a half is enough: I wanted nothing to do with them) but then, a few days ago, I left another group when someone asked when we could meet. Right after I left, one of the few to be nice, texted me. I haven’t heard from her since last year and she started asking me things that she was supposed to asked me last year like “How are your new classmates?” or “How is your new class?” A little late uh? I really liked her and, before I knew my actual best friends we were very close and it hurts that now we don’t text each other unless something forces us. I don’t want a friendship to end like this, just fading slowly but now it’s too late. And even if our friendship faded quite an year ago it was painful to understand it all in once.

Years ago I wouldn’t just leave those groups because I was too scared of what people would think. But now I didi it (because I know that probably I will never see them again). But I really can’t tell them how they made me feel at school or that now I am changed and I am not the same persone that they knew. I (hope) am better but I, even so, I can’t tell people what I really think and this makes me feel helpless.

P. S. I’m thinking of doing one of the 30 days challenge but I’m still not sure