Searching ideas…

I’m not satisfied about my blog. It’s seams a lot a place where a teenager (me) shares her ‘problems’ that aren’t real problems but just little fights or stupid things.

I want to “reorganize” my blog to make it better and more interesting. For now I won’t delete my posts but maybe when I will find something interesting to write about I will do it or I’ll just hide them.

I love reading, and, even if I’m not good at it, I love taking photos. I may write some description about some books or I may post some photos…

In those holidays I’ll think about it and hope to find a solution.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Hope you spend a good time.


December’s Photo

Today is the 1st of December (yay!).
I think that the 1st of January I will do something different (just because is the first day of 2016) but I’m still not sure about what.

I shot this picture this June in front of Buckingam Palace in London. Have you ever been in London? (please answer in the comments ūüôā )

Let’s try

Following ‘Blogging 101’ clues I will try to write something every month.
I was thinking at something every 1st of the month.
Right now I’m not sure what it’ll be about; I may post a photo every month or maybe something else like some songs I liked that month; if someone has an advice or something he or she wants to tell me just contact me (Click here!) and it’ll be very helpful

I will start in December with a photo and then I will decide.

Yesterday’s Writing 101 Post

Yesterday I was busy so I forget to write but here I am now!


Isn’t this the perfect image to¬†symbolize freedom?¬†It’s the perfect landscape and with friends in it it’s also better.¬†

I would really like to travel but I can’t. I’m too young to travel by myself. When I’ll be old enough I will probably have to work or I won’t be able to afford it.

Even though, travelling it’s not easy. If I¬†travel I want¬†to be with someone,¬†otherwise I will feel very very lonely.

But maybe those are just teenager’s dreams.

But ¬†if live wasn’t only money and work to earn money I think I will be travelling. But I would like also to have a family (when I will be¬†older) and travelling and hope to have a family are things that can’t sty together.

Hope you guys feel better than me. xx