A letter to my fear

Dear Fear,

Why you can’t let me go? I know you like me but I don’t want to be your victim anymore. Why you come only when I have to say something important and not when I’m going to say something stupid? Why don’t you stop me from saying one of my bad jokes but you stop me when I have to say something that I need to say to something?

Why do you pest only me? I know you prefer me from others because you can annoy me along with your friend Low Self-esteem. You both love to hound me but, please, stop it. I suffered you long enough.



Inspiration from Twitter (Writing 101)

This is exactly what I’m thinking 99% of my time.
Our life isn’t just school, work or money. If you start living on a desert island with animals you can hunt, trees from you can take fruit and plants from you can take vegetables or other fruit you could live without them.
Obviously school is important to know things like maths ecc. and to be prepared for work, work is useful to make money and with money you can buy things that maybe you aren’t able to get from the world by yourself but if we could stop worrying from these three things life will be a lot easier.

For example this week I have so many things to study and I really think that even if I don’t pass those exams life goes on and I don’t wanna be focused only on school but also on my own life. There is a lot more than shool, work and money. There are friends and family that are a LOT more important that the rest.

Yesterday’s Writing 101 Post

Yesterday I was busy so I forget to write but here I am now!


Isn’t this the perfect image to symbolize freedom? It’s the perfect landscape and with friends in it it’s also better. 

I would really like to travel but I can’t. I’m too young to travel by myself. When I’ll be old enough I will probably have to work or I won’t be able to afford it.

Even though, travelling it’s not easy. If I travel I want to be with someone, otherwise I will feel very very lonely.

But maybe those are just teenager’s dreams.

But  if live wasn’t only money and work to earn money I think I will be travelling. But I would like also to have a family (when I will be older) and travelling and hope to have a family are things that can’t sty together.

Hope you guys feel better than me. xx

Choosing a word

I’m not sure about what word choosing.

Hope is too much overrated. You can hope how much you want but if you don’t try something or try to make things move you’re just deceiving yourself.

Regret can take you on the wrong direction. You may think you made a disaster but maybe you’re just overthinking and you did nothing. It can really drown you with guilt-feelings.

Home is such a general word. Someone call home their family and friends but for me hope is just the house we’re I live and I’m sorry if this isn’t poetic but that is the true.

Choice can really change things. A choice can turn a situation in very different ways.

Abundance to me just means ‘a lot of things’.

Secret can change you’re relationships. A secret kept or a bad kept secret can change everything.

So I think I’ll write abut choice. Some are made thinking and other without thinking but that doesn’t mean that one is right and one is wrong. I am a terrible choice-maker. I think that most of my choices were just crap. But I also think that if I had chose differently in some circumstances I won’t have my friends and it would be awful.

My list (Writing 101)

Here’s my list:

Things I like: 

It’s difficult to put all things that I like in one place because I can forget something but I’ll try

  1. Food
    • Pizza
    • Pasta
    • Nutella
  2. Books
    • Sci-Fi books
    • Romantic Commedies
  3. Films (same as books)
  4. Writing what I like
  5. Hanging out with friends

Things I’ve learned: 

There are things I’ve learned at school when I was a child 

  1. Maths
  2. Italian
  3. English
  4. Spanish (a bit)
  5. Geography
  6. History

Other that I’m learning now

  1. Latin

Things that will help me in my life

  1. How to make up
  2. How to get dressed properly (matching right colours)

And others that will help me in my social life

  1. How to interact with people

Things I wish:

Up to now my first wish is to get rid of one of my problems but if a genie would grant some wishes for me I don’t think I’ll ask for that.

But the other wishes (smart and stupid… most stupid) are:

  1. Have more self-esteem
  2. Be less shy
  3. Be a better person

So that’s it!!

Have you all a good day/week/night. 🙂

Writing 101… Let’s get started: DAY 1! (I write because…)

So I subscribed to this courses as you can see in my previous post who I am and why I’m here.

I’m doing this post for writing 101. They told me to write something about: I write because… So here I am!

seal_v2-03I write because, since I discovered I am not that bad, I enjoyed writing something. It doesn’t matter what. Just let the words flow from my keyboard. Soon I stopped finding something to write about so I started writing story and then my life in a “diary”. It was very satisfying writing things to remember them.

I also write because maybe someone will finally notice me, if not for my personality maybe for my writing. (And this is also a reason why I started a blog).

Writing is an outburst. I can express my self in so many manners. I can be everything from a ladybird flying among trees to a seeweed that is rippling in the ocean